Design Miami/ Scent

12.29 is an olfactive branding company that designs custom scents for retail/corporate environments, public spaces, special events, and private homes to create unique “scent identities” exclusively for a brand space.

Samantha and Dawn Goldworm created an international scent-branding company, 12.29, to enrich an olfactively impoverished world with the beauty of scent. Confident in the knowledge that scent can change the emotional experience of a space, 12.29 began by designing fragrances to understand the consumer engagement with scent and memory.  By translating a brand image into an olfactive vision, 12.29 is able to create, influence or change an environment through subliminal connections to color, texture, vision and emotion. The scent enhances all the other sensory design elements and differentiates the space from others creating a truly unique, engaging brand environment.  
Design and scent are interrelated and codependent on one another. Both mediums express an emotional aesthetic, create a promise and deliver a dream. Design and scent complete the vision where the other leaves off. Creating a “scent-identity” is part of a complete multi-sensorial marketing mix. While most brands are familiar with design aesthetic, auditory, touch and taste cues, almost no brands have exploited olfaction as a message. Scent is the future of design.

12.29 New York / Paris