Designer/ Gregor Jenkin
Year/ 2011
Materials/ steel
Dimensions/ 2.4m x 400 x 400mm
Courtesy of Gregor Jenkin

Southern Guild Presenting Gregor Jenkin Studio

Southern Guild was established in 2008 to provide a platform for collectable, limitededition South African design. Each year
45 diverse talents are invited to produce new work, including the biggest stars in the country and promising up and coming talents. The gallery also encompasses work from the most prominent figures from the worlds of art, craft, jewelry and architecture.

South African design is artisanal, hand made and cerebral, and our designers work in a very personal, exploratory way, with deep cultural relevance and little interest in passing trends. Southern Guild encourages collaboration and discourse and aims to stimulate and provoke the design industry. It has become a benchmark for quality and originality and cohesively and comprehensively showcases the pinnacle of contemporary design in South Africa. The collection is curated and directed by Trevyn and Julian McGowan of Source, the leading agency for the global sales of South African design, and the  collection was made possible by ArcelorMittal South Africa. For Design Miami / 2011 , Southern Guild presents the work of Gregor Jenkin, South Africa’s most fascinating contemporary designer. The Gregor Jenkin Studio functions as an engineering environment – a systematic workshop that sets out to solve certain problems. Each piece is a result of searching for a new way of doing something old. In this way, Jenkin and his small team strive to create functional objects that are both thoughtful and thought-provoking.