Iris  1500  
Designer/ BarberOsgerby
Year/ 2008
Materials/ Anodised aluminium and glass
Dimensions/ 40 cm
Courtesy of Mark O’ Flaherty

Established & Sons Presenting BarberOsgerby

Established & Sons is a uniquely positioned British design company with international visibility and a focus on producing and representing all that is innovative in contemporary design. Since its inception in 2005, Established & Sons has become internationally respected for groundbreaking projects with leading designers, architects, artists and artisan studios, and for introducing up-and-coming creative talent from around the world. Established & Sons employs skilled craftsmen and uses high quality manufacturing techniques in the realisation of its designs, delivering original collections that are both significant and pioneering.

For Design Miami /  Established & Sons are proud to present three limited-edition tables from Iris by the internationally acclaimed design partnership, BarberOsgerby. Iris features five tables, each with its own specific colour spectrum. Iris is the word used for the circular, coloured portion of the eye surrounding the pupil. The term also refers to a rainbow and is the name given to the goddess of the rainbow in classical Greek mythology.

Each table in the Iris series is constructed from a single geometric component, which has been repeated to form a tessellated ring. There is a fine balance of visual beauty and cutting-edge technology that enables the pieces to work. The machined components are individually anodised creating a unique colour specific to that single component. The process of anodising dyes colour into the surface of the aluminium rather than coating it. This means that the aluminium can be seen through the colours. The components are then fixed together to form a faceted circle. Iris 1500 is made up of 60 individually coloured components; Iris  1500 and Iris are both made up of 48; Iris 1300 and Iris 1200 from 36 components.